Vacation Home service

You have a beautiful vacation home in Sweden to enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful country, just for yourself or also for renting to others who want to unwind, then it can be a nice idea that the house and grounds look well cared for and that someone keeps an eye on it.
Should we find any damage, we will take pictures and inform you.

In the periods that you yourself are not present in the vacation home, you might rent it out to guests. This way you will have some extra income and moreover the house will be used optimally. When you rent out the property it is extra important that everything looks good and cared for. This way you will get positive reviews and a well cared for house also invites you to be economical with your belongings.

We provide different services to help you with that. The services can be combined or purchased separately.


We provide several gardening services to take care of the garden at your vacation home.

  • Lawn mowing; (per m²)
  • Trimming grass edges. (per hour)
  • Pruning bushes; (per hour)
  • Pruning trees; (per tree)
  • ...


When tenants have lost the keys or locked themselves out, we can bring spare keys after a phone call. Or if someting breaks or doesn't work we can help solve te problem.

When something needs to be repaired or replaced, we will always do this in consultation with you.

We recommend that you use a  keysafe.
This is convenient and saves time and costs for bringing and collecting keys.

If you want, we can supply and install a keysafe


A vacation home requires maintenance. We can help you with various repairs.

For example:

  • Exterior painting.
  • Emptying gutters, cleaning
  • Repair, renovation of fencing.
  • ...

Do you have another job? Feel free to contact us and together we'll see what we can do for you.


A monitoring visit in and around the house to find
(storm) damage or theft in time, monthly or weekly if desired.
Especially in the winter it’s a nice feeling that the waterpipes, electricity
and mailbox are being watched.

This way you will not be surprised on your next visit.

If there are any details, we will take pictures and contact you.


  • inspection of outbuildings.
  • inspection of the entire outdoor area.


If your home is in the country and you don't expect to be there in the winter, it may be wise to "winterize" your home.

Or maybe you like the house to be refreshed and plugged in before you return.

You can think about:

  • Disconnecting/connecting water lines and all faucets open/closed
  • Spring, autumn cleaning
  • Garden sets inside or outside
  • ...

The price for preparing your home for summer or winter depends on your needs.